Portfolio Transfer

Proposed Transfer of Insurance Business from Irish Life Assurance plc to Saol Assurance d.a.c., trading as AIB life

Following approval of the Irish High Court, Irish Life Assurance plc plans to transfer certain policies written by it to another Irish authorised insurer, Saol Assurance d.a.c., trading as AIB life.

Document Library

This Document Library will be updated as the proposed transfer progresses.

You have the right to object to the proposed transfer if you have any concerns or feel the proposals will have an adverse effect on you. Action to take and contact details for raising an objection are confirmed under the Policyholder FAQ (Q11) accessible via the Document Library.

Policyholder letter (with Non Lifestyling) [PDF] Policyholder letter (with Lifestyling) [PDF] FAQ [PDF] Fund Leaflet [PDF] Petition and Scheme of Transfer [PDF] Scheme Summary [PDF] Independent Actuary Report [PDF] Summary of Independent Actuary Report [PDF] Legal Notice of Transfer [PDF] Scheme [PDF] Supplemental Report to the Independent Actuary Report [PDF] High Court Order [PDF] Italian Policyholder Resident Notice (Italian Version) [PDF] Italian Policyholder Resident Notice (English Version) [PDF]

If you require a hard copy of any of the above documents please use the contact details available under section 4 of the letter you received.